miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Being busy at work and finally feeling good about it

It’s been a few days, not that I don’t want to write but I haven’t had much time since work assigned me another project.
It’s been a couple of week that I am handling a different customer along with the one I usually do, there are a few tasks of mine that were assigned to a different person but I still have to coordinate that at the end everything I am still the face that the customers see (well do you still say that even when customers are in another country and they really never seeing you) anyway I am the one who handles the accounts one way or another.
For a few days after the switch I really though I made a mistake, that I could not handle that much work so you could say I was a little bit scare and not because I think I can’t do it but because I really thought it was so much in my plate that I would never even see the light outside the office again.
At one point I even had about 200-300 e-mails a day, but once I realize a lot of them I was just copied and no further action required, except maybe file them, I calmed down a little.
We also have a weekly meeting that I didn’t attend before and basically is someone showing progress in all orders for customers and us agreeing to what is being said or what is left to do etc.., or updating in pending items so everyone knows what is the next target or due date to several tasks.
The first time I attended I didn’t know half the things they were talking about and even when they asked me questions and I answered it left me wondering if I knew what I was talking about, not like everyone noticed or that I made mistakes, it was a feeling deep inside me that I was heading to failure.
But after 3 weeks today it was the weekly meeting and when I knew all the answers and pretty much the meeting was over in 10 minutes, I felt pretty confident, like a sense of accomplishment that I can do this I can run this smoothly even if I still have about 500 e-mails in my inbox waiting to be filed or deleted.
Even when my desk looks like a bomb of paper exploded on top of it, I can do this and still leave work around 6pm and be home to eat dinner with my son or run to the grocery store and be on time to pick him up from keyboard lessons. I am a working mom after all and I feel good doing it.

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