viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

Being the tooth fairy is not easy!

I really hope I'm not the only bad tooth fairy around, because today was one of those days.

When my son was in the shower this morning and he said mom, can you please go outside and check if there is a bill outside next to the door? I was like why should a bill be there?  He said, because I lost a tooth yesterday and I left it over there, so in panic mode I left him there and went searching for the missing tooth.
After a few I came back empty handed, but when I told him the news he was very disappointed because he didn’t know what happened to his tooth

When he came out of the bathroom, he obviously found it right where he left it... it was a tiny paper right next to the bedroom door, it could have passed as garbage for real, and when I asked if he told anybody of course he didn't...

I was not home last night, I went to the gym, so when I came back he was already sleeping and didn't get a chance to talk to him.
I just told him it was so tiny the tooth fairy probably just missed it and that for sure tonight we would place it in better view so the tooth fairy knows exactly where to find it.

I put the tooth place in a safe place for now, and tonight I for sure will do a better job!

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