martes, 29 de enero de 2013

From sickness to parenting

The field trip was not a very good one, the weather was on the cold side and my son regardless of his jacket got very sick, his throat had been hurting so it only made it worse, he got a temperature for 3 days, and there was no medicine that could get it down, so he was the cleanest kid for those 3 full days, since he took several baths a day in order to get his body temperature at normal levels.

All weekend he had a rough time and he already missed three days from school, but I am so lucky, he has classes after school to do his homework and yesterday the teacher, who is amazing btw; she came home to give him classes and also they did the work he missed at school, so he would not be behind in his classes.

When my son is sick I really think of the time we spend together, my mom just told me is not really quality time and she saw him laying next to me while I was reading or playing with my iPod, and not really paying attention to him.

This is hard, at least harder than it looks, and I am not so sure how to do it, I want to be a good parent and I want him to remember me as the one who talked to him, who played with him and also as the one who taught him how to be a great human being.

So I guess today after work, I will put my electronics down and play a little more, talk a little more and hope for the best.

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