martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Swimming lessons

We recently went away for the weekend, we went to a place where they have thermal springs, but somehow they look like regular swiming pools and some are in open air and some have roofs, the closed ones are the hottests, of course, but even the ones in the open were pretty hot and nice.
Ian has been taking swimming lessons since last year, but on and off in cold weather. I haven't been swiming with him in a while.
Even when he have the pool at home, water is pretty cold so we are usually there only for a few and most of the time he gets there with cousins or somebody else and I only watch from aside.

Well it was a very nice surprise to realize how well he swims, he still needs technique, but he can cross the swiming pool on his own and even ask to compete with me, and he was a good match when he really wanted to be.

Now we went on vacations to the beach and he loves the waves, one day it was very windy and cold so I only went to the water for a few, if you know me you understand why, because I am cold even in 70 degree weather, hehe that is just the way I am.
Anyway, I was in the beach, just looking at him but only my feet touching the water when a life guard called him and asked him who was with him, because he said tide was very high and that we should be careful, but he just loves being in the water, so I just had to comply and be closer, according to the lifeguard I had to be no more than 5 steps from him, have you ever heard of such thing or would it be just something the life guard implements in his watch.

Right now it is cold to go swiming in an open pool, so we will have to wait for at least one more month and then we will continue with swiming lessons, and now I know for sure my money and time was well spent on those classes.

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