viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

His new obssesion

We bought some Lego sets to my son, so he wanted to build a house, of course I have to be there and play with him, since he might need some help, we started out ok, he would look for the pieces, and help with putting them into places, I would just made sure they were in the correct place, and this is how my evening started, a couple of hours go by and I am building it while he plays with the Lego pieces but doing his own thing and I am basically doing it all by myself.
Then I asked him to look for some small parts we needed it and I started playing with my iPod, of course he got mad that I was not doing anything while he was working… yeah right.

He is in love with Legos right now and I like the obsession because he usually builds his own things, actually the last set I bought, it was not one with any characters, it was only the blocks and it was really good, the only thing I wish is that they would sell the spare parts or little people for separate, he really wants more people but at least here in Mexico they are not available, you have to buy the whole set to get one or two people.

There are some figurines that you can  get but they are the ones in a bag that you don’t even see what are you buying, like a surprise, and I don’t like them.

He is building houses and cars, the airport and a zoo, not sure where he got that idea, is not like it had any animals, it was just the trees and park like.

At least we know he has a good imagination and I like that.

Here are the sets he recently got, one with just bricks and the house we were bulding.


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