jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Scared much?

My son is very scared of everything lately, not really sure if it was a consequence of seeing a documentary on his recent field trip or it only made it worse.
Can’t really pinpoint the exact moment when he started being afraid of things, when he was younger he was never afraid of anything, he used to go into his room when it was pitch black to retrieve something and without any trouble.
Right now even in day light he won’t go to the bathroom in a room where nobody is there or he doesn’t like to watch TV by himself while we are in a different part of the house.
I am not sure what to do, on one side I would like to be supportive but after a little while it gets annoying that he won’t do anything by himself anymore, and even at night he wakes up a few times asking me to hug him and he won’t stay in the room alone, if he wakes up by himself even if I am taking a shower in the morning he would run like a crazy man to get in the bathroom with me.
When I ask him what is wrong he won’t even admit it, like he would say he is lazy or he doesn’t want to go anywhere right now, anything but admit that he is cared.
I am at a lost, I sure hope it gets better with time, or what am I going to do?

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